Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 4

Day 4 was Sunday, so a much more relaxed day.  It was conference Sunday so we all got to sit around and watch it together.  Marae got a turn feeding Mayzie.

Boone got some rocks from Grandma.  Here he is showing Darci his awesome treasures.

Mason miraculously somehow caught a lizard on the wall with a lasso made out of fishing string and a fishing pole.  I didn't see him do it.  It was amazing.  The kids thought it was so fun to see up close!

That afternoon we took family pictures.  Here are some of the behind the scenes shots.

For some reason Adelyn decided she wanted to be mean to everyone she sat by.  Poor Tucker got the worst of it.  Little stinker.

After pictures we came home, had a little birthday party for Charlie who was turning 2 and then said goodbye to cousins.

Boonie had a fun game going on with Charlie.  He'd scoot and Charlie would follow very wildly.  It was adorable.

Cousin time is the best!

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xantogal said...

Awww, and second to cousin time is roommate time! :)