Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arizona Trip

Mid March I took the kids down to Arizona.  We were having a reunion at the end of March so i thought I'd go down a bit early and enjoy some time with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was actually so fun traveling with the kids.  They did so well!  We drove to St. George the first day, got a hotel, went swimming, and drove the rest of the way the second day.

Everyone went right to sleep!  I got to snuggle with the wiggle worm, Adelyn.

We made it safely.  The next day we went out to the county fair.  The kids had just gotten done reading Charolette's web so they had fun looking for the animals that had won ribbons.  Then they got spoiled by Grandpa with rides and treats.

Marae is upset because she didn't get to ride on the ferris wheel with Grandpa and Boone - even though she had just gone with me.

We had a girls day out with Stacey, Darci, Marae, Grandma, and I.  It was so fun!  We went to see Beauty and the Beast and eat at Red Lobster.  Marae loved spending the day with Darci all by herself - that's something she never gets to do!

We did a lot of swimming - even though it was so cold.  The kid's lips would be blue each time, but they figured the pool is there, we mind as well use it.  Even Adelyn swam everyday.  Crazy kiddos.

One morning we went for a little hike up Girl Scout Mountain.  I had to take the kids to 'the cave' of my childhood.  Boonie and Marae climbed up with me while Adelyn stayed down with Grandma.

Unfortunately Adelyn REALLY wanted to climb up with us... so I let her climb up a little rock and this is what happened to her forehead.  Sorry Addie....   I was SO hoping the bruises would be gone by the time family pictures came in a week.

Mason met up with some of his teacher friends from Gateway.  He then met his students for dinner at Peter Piper Pizza.  The said they were all waiting for him in the parking lot and started cheering as he drove in.  What a great reunion!

The rest of these pictures are from our trip home.  Mason flew in on the 30th.  We did lots of fun things with all the Leybi.  Then we drove home on the 4th.  We stopped in Las Vegas staying at Rae's castle - The Excalibur.  The kids LOVED it.  We spent a lot of time at the pool, ate yummy food, walked down to the Bellagio fountains and had fun with the babies.

And Adelyn was so tired from such a crazy schedule that she fell asleep holding her dinner.  Poor baby.  Oh yes, and the binkie made an appearance this trip.

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