Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017

Snow.  Lots and lots and lots of snow.  People say they haven't had this much snow in 20 years.  It's been insane.  It feels like every morning we wake up to another FOOT of snow.  I've never seen this much snow in my life.  It's kinda fun though.... There have been 3 snow days where school has been canceled.  Whew!

Being new home owners we weren't quite sure how to handle the snow.  The first couple times it snowed in December we pushed the snow to the edges of the driveway.  We didn't realize that you have to push the snow WAY past the edge of the driveway because it builds up.... We learned something for  next year!

And it sure is beautiful.

Here I was trying to use Adelyn as a measuring stick.

Boonie loves to be out in the snow.  Here Mason is throwing him up in the air.  The snow was so soft to land in.  He loved it.

Joy school:  Nick Welker, Marae, Tad Mosher, Gentry Rounds, Flynn Jackson, Isaac Skinner, Brysen Barrett.

Boonie came home from school the other day and flat out told me he was going to marry Savannah (Cook).  She lives down the road from us and she's in his class at school.  It's pretty cute how he blushes when you mention her name.  I volunteer every Wednesday in his class and they just sit by each other at every center.  It's pretty cute.

I came home a little late from errands one day.  Boonie was pacing on the bridge because he was locked out.  When I pulled in he ran down the driveway like a wild deer.  It was pretty funny.  I love having a little boy.

Marae and Boonie both had to get cavities filled.  They both did very well....

Adelyn and Dixie Jackson

Old Navy was having a boot sale.  Boots were only $5.  I may have stalked up for the next couple years!

All the babies got sick towards the end of the month.  Boonie and Adelyn were so lethargic and snuggly.  It was sweet.  We read Charlotte's Web together and then watched the movie. 

We had to buy a snow blower because there was no where else to push that snow that just kept coming.  Luckily the thing was defective.  So we used it to plow the driveway and then took it back for a refund.  That was definitely not in the budget for this month.

I teach cute kids.  This is Jack.  He's adorable.

We went and toured the Bluebird restaurant with Marae's joy school.  Afterwards they gave the kids ice cream at the ice cream counter.

For my birthday we went to Kabuki.  The kids loved it!