Friday, December 16, 2016

Gingerbread Building

We decided to host our annual Gingerbread party with some new people in our neighborhood.  We wanted to do it with our old friends (we had a different party with them instead) but we are wanting to make some new friends on Hollow Road... so we decided to invite a bunch of newbies.  Everyone had a blast and I think everyone did really well for their first time building!
The Barrett's

The Skinners

Joe and McKell Jackson
Here was Mason and I's entry!  We made 'A very Mickey Christmas'.  This was one of our best structures yet!  It turned out great!

Andrea and Justin Maughan
 The party was a success and it was a great ice breaker for new friendships.
  Here is another look at our masterpiece.

The next morning we made gingerbread houses with the kids with all the leftovers.

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