Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas and Christmas Eve

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas this year.  We are so blessed  to live where we live and to be able to do what we get to do.  There are so many in this world suffering or struggling and our life just seems so right.  I'm so thankful.

I dressed all three of my dollies up in their Christmas outfits and they just looked adorable.  Can they please, please, please stop growing?  Our life is just screaming past us...  The babies were cold and didn't really want to pose, but I got some cute ones anyway.

The majority were struggles, but still cute.

Below Mason was throwing snowballs up in the air trying to get them to smile, instead Adelyn covered her face... I promise he's never thrown a snowball in her face.

In the morning we went to the old folks home and sang carols with them.  It was so sweet and the elderly love it so much.  I love this tradition.  It helps us focus on someone other than ourselves.

At the end one of the old ladies grabbed Boonie and put him on her lap (an impressive feat, being he's approaching 50 pounds!) and started bouncing him while singing an Alice in Wonderland Song.  It was hilarious and she was elated.

After that we continued our family tradition of bowling.  Boonie only lost to Mason by 2 points!!  He did great!

Adelyn didn't quite grasp it....  She liked to watch the ball from this angel - don't worry - no balls were dropped on her head.  I didn't bowl because of my cracked rib.  I cracked it coughing a couple weeks back and it hurts to pretty much do anything.  But I had fun watching.

We had a peaceful night with some VERY EXCITED BABIES!  They left cookies out for Santa, followed him on the Santa Tracker, and watched for him in the sky.

Then Santa came - followed by Boonie at 12:20.  I sent him back to bed and he showed back up at 1:05.  He was SO excited I could just feel his heart pounding in his chest.  He claims he never went to sleep (although I did see him asleep at one point).  I made him sleep on the floor next to our bed.

We had a action packed morning.  Santa came through!

Marae got her Shopkins coloring book that she asked for.  Adelyn got the dollhouse that Marae was going to ask for up until she changed her mind a few days before.  Both girls love their gifts.  Boone got Minecraft and hasn't stopped playing it since (even though he doesn't really know how).

We got a ton of snow and had to drive in it to church.  It was a beautiful white Christmas!!

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