Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Adelyn's 2nd Birthday

Adelyn turned 2!!  Of course we had to celebrate with a dog party!  Doggies are her favorite!!

I snapped some pictures of Adelyn in her bed before getting up... I had to capture her true nature.

We all love this little lady so much!!   We had a little family party with Adelyn that night.  She got the best gift ever from Grandma.  It was a giant stuffed dog.  She couldn't have been more pleased.

Her favorite food is Taco Bell.  She asks for it all the time.  So daddy brought home Taco Bell for dinner.

Then she had a wild party!  She also surprised us by smiling for the camera for the first time.  She has never purposefully smiled, but when I held up my real camera she smiled and said, "Cheese!!"


And she made some funny eyes for us.  Silly Addie.

Happy Birthday Addie!!

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