Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Randoms

Mason and his buddies had their annual Father/Son's football game.  This year was much warmer than last.  The little guys had a blast!

I gave Boonie a 'slick rick' haircut.  I think he looks so handsome!

We did LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of yard work this month.  We were getting ready for winter on plants that haven't been trimmed in YEARS.  Holy smokes.  But it felt so good to get it done and I'm now even more excited for spring to keep on top of things and really start to get things looking the way we want.  Here is a picture of Mason looking in the sky lights while cleaning out the gutters.  Of course the babies were thrilled.

Here is my little Rae before church.  She looked so cute I had to snap some pictures.

She is at such a delightful age.

And then Boonie came home from school and I thought he looked so handsome too... so out came the camera again.

Right after the election I was feeling a bit stressed about the future of our nation.  I just can't see how Donald Trump can do anything good.  I'm just hoping that he won't do anything too damaging in his 4 years as president.  Anyway, so I was feeling so upset I decided to go exploring up Blacksmith Fork Canyon.  We've never gone hiking up that canyon before.  As I was driving up I saw this bridge leading across the river.  We pulled over and I foolishly took my babies across.  It was terrifyingly narrow, tilted, and the river was going so fast.  I've had nightmares since about my kids falling in.  What a foolish decision that was.  Luckily everyone made it safely across and we went on a nice little hike.  I'll never take them across that stupid thing again.

Adelyn got sick for about 7 straight days.  She had a high fever and diarrhea.  I would find her just laying all over the house.  The poor little thing.  I had to snap pictures to document because this was so out of character.

Selfie of my new cute outfit to send to Emily!

While the boys went to the BYU football game I took the girls down to visit one of my besties, Natalie De St Joer.  We stopped for lunch on the way down.

Here are the girls with Natalie's little boy, Beau.

Then Adelyn ran away and we found her laying in the road.  How do children survive childhood??

We decorated for Christmas.

Adelyn loves her dogs and tries to carry them all at once with her everywhere she goes.

We had Thanksgiving at Nanna and Poppa's.  Here is Claire and Adelyn at the kids table.

Marae and I took an art lesson online.  Rae drew the cat on the left.  I love it.

Boone loves to shovel snow.  He went out and wrote his name with the shovel.