Monday, October 31, 2016

October Randoms

I thought these leaves looked like a Mexican fiesta.  These are my latino trees.

Mason and I went on a ghost tour in Logan.  After we stopped by the Bluebird restaurant where there were REAL ghost hunters looking in the top of the Bluebird building.  I told Mason to go in and check it out, but I chickened out....  Here was their car...  Paranormal investigators.

We moved in the piano finally.

We ran a 5k glowing fun run.  Boonie ran the WHOLE TIME!!  They had hot chocolate at the end.

I went to a murder mystery dinner with Lindsey Kelstrom and Melanie Allred.  It was 1920's theme... so of course we dressed up!!

I bought a 'light gray' couch.  What a stupid purchase... it's basically white.  Now it sits in my living room with a sheet over it so my kids won't destroy it.  The blanket comes off anytime we have visitors that I car about.  Duh... What a fool.

Boone's harvest.

Marae got some HORRIBLE burs in her hair that we almost had to cut out.  Yuck.

Klara came to visit for her fall break.  We walked out to the river behind our house, played out in the leaves, and went to the pumpkin walk.

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