Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Little Mermaid

One of my best friend Lindsey Kelstrom did theater in high school just like I did.  She recently decided to start doing plays again.  Well she told me about auditions for The Little Mermaid back in June and I decided to give it a go!  My singing audition was HORRIBLE....  I couldn't hear the music so I wasn't even sure if I was in the right place in the song.  I was - but still... it was bad.  But I knocked it out of the park on the dance audition.  I got cast as a dancer which meant I got to be a mermaid, sea gull, maid, maiden, and flamingo.  It was an absolute blast.  I haven't had that much fun being a part of something in a long time.  I got to bust out every single dancing shoe I've ever owned.  I did ballroom, ballet, and tap.  It was so fun to be dancing and singing and still be GOOD at it!  It was fun to get dressed up - ah!  It was such a blast and I am so thankful I put myself out there to do it.

Get ready for picture overload!!!

Here I am as a tap dancing sea gull with Morgan Jenkins.

Lindsey and I.  She was one of the Mersisters.

My awesome parents came up to see the show.  They also flew Darci up one weekend to see it as well.  My mom went to I think 7 of the 13 performances.  She was a die hard fan.  We had to get a picture after every show.  This is my (ugly) mermaid costume for Under the Sea.

My two favorite girlies to hang around were Tayler Coates and Laura Hailes.

The tapping Sea Gulls with Scuttle.

They had a Mermaid Brunch one Saturday before the show.  They got to eat lunch and meet the cast members.  My kids were ridiculously shy.

Here are the Mersisters and Boonie - his favorite song of the show was their song: "She's in Love."  I title this picture, "He's in LOVE!"

We preformed in the historic Ellen Eccles Theater.  It's so beautiful and was built in 1923.  It was a beautiful theater and so fun to be performing in it and backstage in the dressing rooms.  We put on all our costumes from the show to get a picture in each one.

The flamingo costume in Kiss the Girl

Here we are with Sabastian.

King Triton was the choreographer - Scott Henderson.

The cast was SO talented.  It was wonderful to be part of such a fun production!

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