Friday, September 16, 2016

Boone's 6th Birthday Party

We decided to have Boone's party a week before his birthday because Darci was in town to see my show.  Naturally he chose a Star Wars theme party and invited all of his little Jedi friends.

Here are Boone and Darci ready for the epic battle!

Mason did a great job with the structure of the Darth Vader pinata.  My mom made his face.  He looks great!

As his friends started to arrive each little boy would enter the yard a full speed and job right into the battle.  They all had so much fun.  It was great!

Then we sat down to play some games.  Below they had to use the force to guess who was hiding a little Yoda in their hands.

Here they are climbing through an obstacle course.  If they touch the strings they had to start over.

We have Luke Mosher, Darci, Collin Kelstrom (in strom trooper mask), Theron Peterson, Boone, Brock Hulse (in Darth Vader mask), and Benjamin Blanchard

The highlight of the party was when Mason came out dressed as Darth Vader.  We had his theme song playing and the kids got to battle him.  It was awesome.  We got a great movie of it!

Happy Birthday Jedi Master Boone!

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