Saturday, September 24, 2016

4 Wheelers

We got some 4-wheelers!  Mason has been in the market for one since we moved into our new home.  Our driveway is so long it would be impossible to shovel it by hand.  So he found a good deal on one, and then found a REALLY good deal on a little one.  So we got two 4 wheelers and the kids just love it!

Here is Mason driving it home.  We left at the same time and he took back roads so he wouldn't get pulled over and he actually got home the same time I did!

We let Boonie drive by himself (with a helmet).  He he very cautious and does a good job.  Marae on the other hand.... NO WAY.  I let her be in charge once and she pushed the gas down full throttle almost throwing me off the back while laughing maniacally.

My mom came and stayed for two weeks to be here during my show and Boone's birthday.  She was thrilled to be able to play on our new toys too!

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