Friday, September 30, 2016

September Randoms

I love watching Boonie get off the bus.  We go out and wait for him on the bridge.  He always gets off, waits for the bus driver to tell him it's clear, and then runs over to me and gives me a hug.  Baby Boonie.

Mess maker:

Here's pretty little Rae bird watching.

The girls came with me to rehearsal one day while the boys were on a campout.

Norah Tolsen came over one day to play.

Adelyn carried this bean around in her mouth like this for about 30 minutes.  Bean fangs.

I'm so lucky I get to spend each day with these sweeties.

Adelyn learned how to make her eyes go crossed.  It's hilarious.

I love her.

Darci came to visit for one weekend.  Boone had school on Friday so Marae and Darci got in some good girl cousin bonding.

We took Grandma up the canyon to go on a walk and see all the fall colors.

Boonie's birthday came around on the 22nd.  He opened his favorite gift - a light saber set from Grandma.  He took that to school to show everyone.

Here's me and my baby Boonie droppin him off at school on his birthday.  My eyes are so puffy from late nights at my rehearsals all week.  Gross.

We had to recreate his newborn baby picture.

Adelyn spent some time at church like this with Grandma.

I live in a beautiful place.

The plums finally got ripe on the trees in the front yard.

Marae's joy school went on a field trip to Stokes Nature Center.

Adelyn wanted to sleep with Marae.  Mason let them try it out.  She lasted about 10 minutes which is much longer than I anticipated.