Monday, May 16, 2016

Disneyland Day 1 & 2

We planned a trip to Disneyland.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  Every time I think about this trip my heart is just so happy because of how perfect and magical it was with out little family.  Grandma and Grandpa met us out there on day 2.  It was just a perfect family vacation.

This was our first time flying with daddy.  The kids did great!!  It was an easy flight and everyone was well behaved.

We flew in to LAX and took a shuttle to Anaheim.  We managed not to lose anyone!

We scored an awesome room on Getaway Today that had a kids room attached to the master room for only $99.  It was an amazing deal and the kids LOVED having their own bunk beds AND tv in their room.  Adelyn fell right to sleep the first night out of utter exhaustion.  Day 1 was a success!!

We had planned on only going to Disneyland/California Adventures one day with tickets that Uncle Bryan had given us, but then we decided to go an extra day so we wouldn't feel too rushed the next day with Grandma and Grandpa.  Plus we didn't know how the kids would do without a nap.

We started off in Fantasy Land and went through most of the rides pretty quickly with no lines.

We ran into Peter Pan and Captain Hook.  Marae wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of the characters.

You can see her hiding behind Peter Pan in the one below.

Again, notice below how Marae won't even look at the Mad Hatter.

I love how terrified Boonie looks in all these pictures, yet he loved the rides so much!

The kids loved Fantasy Land.  Then I thought for sure Marae would want to go see the princesses.  She really wanted to but then we walked in there and she wouldn't even look in their direction.  I had to hold her the whole time and she would just barely peek over my shoulder.  Silly little girl.  At least Boonie was friendly and would talk to the princesses when they asked him questions.


In case you get lost.... show someone your belly!!  Unfortunately Marae forgot about this one day 3 in Cars Land.  Luckily she wasn't lost for too long and was right where we left her with a worker.

Poor little Rae.  I thought she would love the slide.  And she did, until the drop....  She was barely tall enough to ride.  I had told her all about it.  She laughed through the other drops.  But when we got to the bottom of the drop I leaned over to say, "Wasn't that fun?" and she wasn't breathing.  I had to shake her a bit and she gasp and started to cry.  I pulled her in my lap and held her through the party room at the end of the ride.  Sorry Rae.  I thought you were a wild thing and would love it.  Boonie however, went about 4 times.

My parents arrived in the afternoon and I talked my dad into babysitting the girls sleeping in the room while we snuck Grandma into Disneyland.  Nobody is able to sneak into Disneyland.  Grandma did.  She's a ninja and was pretty proud of herself too.

With the little girls sleeping we decided to take Boonie on some of the fun rides while the lines were shorter during the shows!  We went on Indiana Jones first.  Boonie wanted to go on this ride SO BAD because it was a jeep ride and I always talk about how someday we are going to own a jeep and go on adventures.  He was BARELY tall enough.  He kept pushing his hair up on end to make sure he was above the line.  When he got up to the measuring guy, the guy pushed his hair flat.  It was pretty funny.  Luckily he was exactly at the line.  

I'm so glad my parents were able to come.  It made it all the more special.

On to day 3!

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