Thursday, May 19, 2016

California Day 4 & 5

We wanted to go to the beach Wednesday but it was a little chilly.  We drove out to LA from Anaheim and went straight to the beach.  The kids were excited to see it.  We played in the sand a bit, then got freezing cold, went to the hotel for naps, and went to the Santa Monica Pier that night.

Adelyn didn't seem to mind the freezing wind.  She's such a water baby!

We decided we'd try the beach the next day before we left for the airport.

That evening we drove to Santa Monica.  The pier was beautiful and we had the most delicious sea food.  Oh man.  It was so good.

Adelyn loves birds.  She calls them B's.  She was so excited to see all the B's all over the place.

Then we hit up Randy's Donuts on the way home and ate them at the hot tub in our hotel.

The next day we tried the beach again.  It wasn't much warmer but I wasn't going to let the cloudy morning ruin our beach trip.  Boonie wanted to play in the ocean (and let's be honest, when is the next time we will be at the beach!?) so I braved it went swimming with him.  Once you got numb it wasn't that bad....

The girls had fun playing in the sand. 

That afternoon we flew home with 3 exhausted babies.  They were SO TIRED.  Marae's face below shows the deliriousness about to take over.  All things considered they did so well.  It was a wonderful family trip.

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