Monday, August 29, 2016

1st Day of Kindergarten

Boonie was so excited to start school.  Luckily the bus stop is right at the corner of our house so he gets to ride the bus to school and gets dropped off right in front of our house.  I was a little nervous to let him ride all by himself so I drove him the first day then walked him to the bus the next.  He did just fine and knows some kids there already.  He likes to ride the bus.  I have to just accept the fact that I don't know where he's at at all time.

The night before school started he laid out his new clothes and made a back to school dummy.  I think he likes Star Wars just a bit... New Star Wars shoes, shirt, and backpack.  What a cutie.

 Then the morning of came.  He was so excited.  My little baby is so grown up!!

Mason drove over to the school with us and we walked him to the door.  Poor little guy was a little nervous (or maybe I was more nervous for him).  He didn't know anyone.  He had so many little buddies last year.  :(  But he went in like a champ and sat at his table.  Sweet little baby Boonie.

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