Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I took the camera out and snapped some pictures of the girls 1- because they were so precious in their matching dresses, 2- they are so lucky to have each other, 3- I just adore them.

I love how they turned out.

August Randoms

The last month of summer....  We had swim lessons at the Sports Academy.  Boonie did great and is really learning to swim and Marae had fun playing in the water.  :)

Here I am at a Relief Society Activity.  Little did I know I'd be getting the calling as Relief Society Chair shortly thereafter.  I'll be planning the parties from now on.

Me, Pam Barfuss, Andrea Maughan, Cherilyn Bennett, McKell Jackson, ??, Melanie Arkoudas
 Back in July I auditioned for and made Cache Valley Theater's production of The Little Mermaid.  August consisted of a lot of practices for me.  I was a dancer which meant I got to be a Mermaid, Flamingo, Maiden, Seagull, and Maid.  It was so fun.  The kids entered a coloring contest and won free tickets to the show.

We went to Bear Lake with the Kelstrom's, Peterson's, and the Allred's.  It was a little chilly, but the kids still had fun with all their friends.

My besties!!  Melanie, Lindsey, and Renee.

I love these kiddos together and miss having them right around the corner.

Marae and Boonie picked the apricots off the tree in the backyard and sold them off our driveway.  I believe they made something like $15 dollars in 30 minutes.  People were so willing to stop and buy some.  Of course the kids were just delighted and wanted to do it every day.

Here's a real life photo of going to church.  All their faces make me laugh.

Someone stole my phone.

I'm going to miss looking out my windows and seeing adorable little people looking back at me.  Here's a view from my kitchen sink.  I've always wanted a kitchen sink that overlooks the backyard.  I'm blessed.

Another day in business...

The neighbors dog runs away and doesn't go back home until we take it home.  The girls are always delighted.

Putting in sod...

Demolition derby time:

I sure love these babies of mine.