Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lefler Reunion 2016

We heading out to Woodland for the annual extended family Lefler Reunion.  Danielle was visiting from France with her two girls so we were excited to spend time with them.

Marae and Avery

Boonie and Sistine - his major crush

We got to use our new tent for the first time.  I bought it without Mason's opinion at the end of last summer.  He was very worried about my purchase... but approved after this trip!  Yay for a 10 man tent!!  The kids did very well.  Boonie and Marae sacked right out.  Adelyn ran around for a while and finally fell asleep right across my face.

Marae's dreams came true the next morning when she found a baby kitty.

We played old fashioned pioneer games.  Here Laura and Sydney are competing.  The best was when Laura and Tom competed in the leg wrestling contest.

Boonie and Gracie

Sistine, Rue, and Scotty

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