Friday, June 17, 2016


Coach Lefler was back this year with 2 of his own children on his team this year!!  This is what we did for the month of June - oh... and move into a house while remodeling.... I signed up for this before we knew we were moving... WHAT A MONTH.

Marae wasn't really in to the game.  She liked running around prancing like a butterfly.  But she was sure cute to watch.   Boonie had his entire head in the game and did a great job.

Nanna snuggles are the best!

The many faces of the sideline:

Please notice the pink bat.

Our friends the Peterson's had their two boys Theron and Luke on the team as well.  Their dad Richie was the assistant coach.

Boone and Theron.

Cute daddy and cute babies.

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