Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Randoms 2016

We bought our house May 31st and worked like crazy painting the downstairs kids rooms and doing a few other projects here and there and then moved in June 15th.  Whew!!  And somehow in the midst of all that packing/moving/projects... we still managed to have all kinds of fun.  The young women in the Logan 7th ward were wonderful and helped with babysitting so much.  We would leave after putting the kids to bed every night around 8 and come back around 11.  We did so much in!!

Here is my cute baby playing in the river at Merlin Olsen Park.

There's always time for a tea party.

Someone needs to teach Adelyn how to hold a popsicle.

Boonie found a twig with eggs on it back in March.  He put it in a jar in hopes that they would one day hatch.  They did!  Right before church one Sunday.  There were about 10 baby teeny tiny grasshoppers.

The 1st dinner in our new home!! 

She's always scowling at someone or something.

Adelyn went to visit daddy at work one afternoon and fell asleep on his shoulder.  He proudly paraded her around work.  Too many crazy days without naps/late nights gave this baby a fever.  :(  Poor mama.

This is why I never got anything done....  Too many helpers helping to unload everything.

They are so precious.

Emily, Frankie, and JJ came to visit shortly after moving in.  They were visiting from Texas so of course we had to have them come over  and stay the night.

My little Rae is so beautiful.  I just love her.

Boonie graduated from Upstart - the online preschool he was doing.  Here is the obligatory picture.

AND.... to finish the month off Boonie cut himself with a knife and had to get 4 stitches.  He was prying 'jewels' off of an old bowling ball decoration we found here in the yard and stabbed himself.  I'm a good mom.  This all happened while the handy man was here installing the drywall in the downstairs bathroom and I was literally chasing Boonie all over the property trying to get him to calm down so I could see his wound.  It was pretty comical.  He gets pretty worked up about wounds and cleaning them.  He works himself into a frenzy at the thought of pain - even when it doesn't hurt that much.  He was so brave during the stitches and the numbing shot... it was so sad to watch though.  The only thing that calmed him down was describing all the food that was on the buffet at Chuck a Rama.  Silly Boonie.  That's his favorite restaurant.

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