Tuesday, June 28, 2016

House Befores and Some Afters

Right when we purchased the house there was a couple things that needed immediate attention.  Like the blue shag carpet in Adelyn's room.  The previous owner had used it as a dog kennel.  No joke  Mason ripped out the carpet himself and threw it out her window.  The smell... oh my... there are no words.  The whole house stunk and I was worried we would never lose the smell.... after we got rid of that carpeted room (all the carpet upstairs actually) and had the vents cleaned out - the smell finally subsided.  Even thinking about it makes me gag now.  These pictures are vile.  We actually had to replace the subfloor in her room.  The pet urine had soaked through the floor boards and they were rotting away.  Oh, it was BAD.  Anyway, so that all happened before we even moved in - thankfully.

 I wanted to capture the house and what it was like before all our changes.  When we were looking at the house I was very nervous about buying it.  I didn't like the oak trim everywhere.  It seemed to 70's to me along with the paint colors.  The smell was so bad, and the carpet was gross.  Luckily Mason was able to envision what it could be.  We've made it so cute.  Here are all the before pictures of the upstairs.

Then we head downstairs.  There was mold behind the bathroom wall downstairs.  We had that fixed by the previous owner before we moved in.  Also the vanity downstairs was disintegrating from the water damage.  She paid for a new one of those as well along with the replacement of the dry wall for that bathroom.  We basically got to remodel that whole bathroom on her dime.

Rae's Room:

Boonie's Room - his room was a beast to paint with all that boarding paneling.  We painted both of the kids rooms before we moved in.

There was an ancient hot tub that didn't work.  Mason ripped that out with all the help from the ward when they were moving us in.  We've had a hole in the deck ever since (I'm writing this in January of 2017).  Maybe it will get fixed next summer.

Now on to the upstairs once we ripped out the carpet.  We decided to paint before putting in the new carpet.  It was pretty exciting having carpet tack strips laying around with a bunch of toddlers running around.

Mason had the interior design instructor and her daughter come and help us paint.  We were able to do the upstairs living rooms from sun up to sun down (a MAJORLY LONG DAY).  Thankfully we got it done in one day.  That was a crazy day.

I love this blue color I chose.  It makes me happy.

Where the carpet had been the previous owner had traced the silhouette's of herself, her daughters, and the dog.  They also included a favorite quote.  It was kinda creepy seeing these shapes that looked like dead bodies, but then it was endearing too... this was their home and they were passing it on to us.  Diane's (the mother's) quote was "Motherhood.  The greatest gift in life."  It immediately made me cry when I saw it....  Her life of motherhood and it's memories in this house were coming to an end.  Mine was just beginning.

We decided to do the same thing in our master bedroom.  The white paint is a sealer that was blocking out any oder from the stains that were on the subfloor.  We let the kids trace their bodies and then draw the pictures of their favorite things.  It was pretty precious.

Boonie's says:  Boone 5 1/2 years old.  Likes Star Wars and video games.

Marae:  Marae  3 1/2 years old - "The cat"

Adelyn:  Adelyn Grace - 19 months old - "Uh-shoe and Gah-bah-GEEE!!"

Then the carpet came in and it felt like a new house!

I chose a color for the kitchen.... I've always wanted a bright and cheery color in my kitchen.  I chose a cheery yellow.

We added white crown molding in the living room and kitchen.

We did SO MUCH WORK those first 2 months of owning the home.  It's quite amazing.  After those two months we started to focus on the yard and settling in.  I love our home!!  I love that we have made it ours.

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