Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Bought A House!!

4260 Hollow Road   Nibley, UT 84321

Yup... On May 31st we signed our lives away and bought our first home.  What a crazy ride.  Mason got a wonderful job and we bought a home all before he had even received his first paycheck.  Mason didn't want to spend one second longer in a rental paying someone else's mortgage!  It's amazing how it all worked out.  We are just thrilled and love our home.  Right after we signed out papers we sat out in the car, hugged, cried, prayed a prayer of thanksgiving and then went out to dinner to process it all - plus there were no children.  Ahhhhh.

Thanks Brent Parker - this was taken to send to my dad.  He texted me asking how it was going right as we were signing.

It's crazy how it all played out.  We were looking at buying a home in Providence that was built in 1920.  It was on 1.5 acres and full of charm.  It was a definite fixer-upper and for some reason we thought we could handle it and then resell it and build another house on the other lot.  It would have been a good idea if we were newly weds, but the further we got into it the worse and worse things were looking.  We had told our current landlords that we were moving though (we jumped the gun on this one) and so they found other renters.  After finding lead in all the paint in the house and lead in the pipes (meaning we'd have to rip every one out of the walls) we decided to not do that.

Can you imagine the state of mind I was in??  We had already told our landlords we were moving out mid June and they had other renters already lined up.  We were out of luck.  It was the end of April and we had no where to live.  It was a majorly trying time.  We were looking at other houses on the market, but I didn't want to jump into anything and regret it later.  There wasn't anything that we liked either.  The market was pretty crazy when we were looking at houses.  Houses would already have offers on them within hours of being on the market.  It was a very aggressive market.  We weren't working with an agent either.  I'd find houses I liked, but Mason would like the fact that you could look into your neighbors house next door.... everything was pretty close together.

Mason had more faith than I did at this point.  It had been a pretty crazy ride.  He kept saying that he knew something would work out.  I didn't know if I should be looking for houses to buy or a different house to rent!  Not to mention start packing...!  One morning while Mason was looking at the MLS site he came across a listing in Nibley.  The pictures had me worried.  The pictures showed a deer nibbling off a tree, a raccoon in a dog house out on a deck, and some flower beds.  That's it.  Mason said (half jokingly), "This is it!!  Let's go check it out!"  I didn't even want to bother with the drive.  I said, "If there are no pictures of the house you KNOW that can't be a good sign.  That's how bad it is."  But we did.  And oh what a dream it has been.

Mason immediately fell in love with the property.  All 4 acres of it.  It reminds me of his grandmother's home up in Woodland.  It backs up to a river and has a smaller river running through the front yard.

We bought from a sweet lady named Diane Baum.  She was a master gardener who put her heart and soul into her yard after her husband passed away leaving her with a 3 year old and 18 month old twins.  We are reaping the rewards of her hard work.  She has MS and had hoped to die in her home, but her health caused her to need to move to a smaller home that didn't require so much work.  She was wonderful to us.

Most of these pictures were taken before we had even bought the house.

Within a week of being moved in Marae found this little fellow.  Marae found him and said to us, "Look mommy, a kitty!"  We saw him 3 times and haven't seen him since.  What a little cutie!

The house did need some work.  We managed to do some of it before we moved it.  We painted the entire upstairs living rooms, kids bedrooms, and a bathroom.  We put in new carpet, got a new roof, replaced some rotten subfloor.... but all that is for another post - the before and after post!

We love our new home - it feels more like home every single day.

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