Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Randoms

May was a blur.  There was so much going on I can't remember a thing that happened.  Good thing there are pictures to help me remember.

These are the last photos at the Stewart Nature park by our River Circle Drive house.  We loved that park.

There was so much going on with packing and buying a house that we took the babies out any chance we got.  Behind the Nature Park they are building a house.  There are mounds of dirt that the kids had fun playing in.

Look at this little dolly!!  She's so much fun!!  She has just started running and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

There was so much going on I didn't even have time to go to the grocery store.  Here is how our fridge looked:

BATC - where Mason now works had a career day for the middle school students.  Pretty much every program that is over at Bridgerland had something set up for the kids to do.  We got to visit and do some really cool things.  The kids watched a helicopter land, drove tractors, got lifted up in a crane, shot a fire hose - it was a pretty cool day!

This picture below of Rae in the tractor cracks me up.  She wanted to drive this dump truck so the worker picked her up and set her on his lap.  She lifted the dumper up and down.  She was so content being up there.  She had her little leg wrapped around his giant leg.  The image of it was so funny.  This little tiny frilly girl driving this dump truck on this rough guys lap.

Mother's Day 2016:

The young women threw a family dance.  Here are the kids posing in front of the sign.  We are with the Kelstrom's and the Peterson's.  I considered this my going away party from Young Women's.  I loved those girls so much.  I won craziest dance moves at this dance and Boonie was convinced that I'm the best dancer in the world.  I made him proud.

Marae had a dance recital.

Marae and her cute friend Norah Tolson.  Marae was adorable in her dances.  It was a long day of practices and she was pretty tired by the end.  Her last dance she actually was swinging her magic wand at Norah's head.  It was pretty naughty and hilarious.  Thankfully we got it on camera.

Boonie graduated from Preschool.  We actually missed his graduation while we were in Disneyland, but that's okay....  Right?  He had a great year with Mrs. Collin's and Mrs. Jolene.

Boonie fell asleep snuggling me one afternoon.  This will probably be the last time this ever happens.  Baby Boonie.

We went on a little family 'hike' one Saturday.  Adelyn was adorable - so why not take pictures?

That's a glimpse of May.... Minus buying a house, packing, and a massive family vacation.  Man, what a month!

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