Thursday, May 5, 2016

Margaret Grace Smith's

Margaret Grace Smith:  September 15, 1932 - May 2, 2016

One of my favorite stories from the funeral was told of her at her 25th high school reunion.  She met up with some old friends and as she was leaving she kissed one of her friends on the cheek.  He said, "I've been waiting 30 years for a kiss from Margaret Coffee.  I can die a happy man now."  There were so many stories told of her sass and spice.

This sweet lady passed away on May 2.  She suffered from Alzheimer's.  The last time we as a family saw her was at Christmas.  We sang songs with her and she was just as sweet as can be.  Mason got to see her again in April.  I'm so happy she is in heaven with her husband(s!!) and son where her mind is whole again.  I know she loved to get dolled up and be the bell of the ball.  I'd like to think she's the bell of the ball again in heaven getting all sorts of attention from her two husbands.  This lady will be missed.

Here are some pictures Mason took on his phone the last time he was with her:

She always had a special place in her heart for him.

We went down for her funeral that weekend.  It was a beautiful service where we celebrated her life.  There were hilarious stories told about her and Mason and I sang one of her favorite songs, "Amazing Grace."

There weren't many pictures taken at the funeral.  It was a special day.  Margaret always made me feel so welcomed and loved in the Lefler family.  I'll never forget the first moment I met her when she said hello to me with her cute southern accent.  I immediately fell in love with her right then and there.

Mason and Mar-Jo.
Afterwards we went back to Tom and Laura's for some good cousin time.  Margaret was buried in Tennessee a couple days later.

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