Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Disneyland Day 3

Day 3 we decided to hit up California Adventures first.  We headed to Cars Land to check out the new rides there.  It was so fun.  We lost Marae, I thought my parents had her, and they thought I had her.  Luckily it was only about ten minutes.  Nothing too crazy.

My dad convinced my mom and I to go on the Tower of Terror.  It was horrible.  My mom almost had a heart attack.  Boonie loved it.

The kids were getting pretty tired by now.  We rented another stroller because Boonie's legs were getting tired of walking.  I checked my iphone on one of the days and it says we walked at least 11 miles.  He did so well and deserved a break.

Now that's what I call SUCCESS!!!  I almost killed the stand up band that started playing near them.

We signed Boonie up for the Jedi training.  We knew he would love it being he is all about Star Wars right now.  He was just thrilled.  They got trained on how to fight like a Jedi and then they actually got to fight Darth Vader.  Boonie was the first one to fight.

We had an action filled day hitting all the rides along the way.  Here we are on the Matterhorn. 

Boonie hit up Indiana Jones again.

I just love my babies.  Look at how sweet they are.  The next time we will be here they will be so big.  I wish I could freeze this moment in time.


Shortly hereafter Marae dropped her hat in the lake.  I had to jump in and get it.

At this point Grandma and Grandpa took Adelyn and we went with Boonie and Marae around the park.  Here is Marae in the Haunted House.

They loved It's A Small World.

Mason took Boonie to Space Mountain which is now Star Wars themed and I took Marae to Autotopia and the Submarine ride before the parade.  She was a crazy driver and loved it!

Boonie couldn't help it and collapsed into a tired heap outside the gates of Disneyland.  Keep in mind his sisters went to bed early the night before.  This was 3 late nights in a row for him with lots and lots of walking.  Poor guy.

Grandma sent this picture to prove what an angel Adelyn was the whole time.....  Happy Disney baby!  On a side note... she threw her shoes out sometime during Disneyland and was shoeless the whole rest of the time.

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