Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My week alone with my babes....

Mason was in Washington DC for 7 days this past week.  I got to spend the week alone with my babies.  It actually went really well.  I feel like the babies had more mercy on me than they normally do.  We all got along and the time went really fast.  I actually feel like I bonded with them more.  Not sure how that works - and our house stayed really clean....  Hmmm....

Anyway... Sunday before we went to church I wanted to snap a couple pictures of them because they all looked so cute.  I've decided to try and start taking more pictures of my nice camera.  All I ever use is my iphone and sometimes those turn out well, but I never edit them.  So I'm trying to turn over a new leash.  

I just adore these angels.  They are so sweet and their personalities are so fun.  I love watching their friendship grow as they are getting older.  They are a happy little crew and I'm so thankful to be their mommy.  They are growing SO incredibly fast.  It's blowing my mind and so much fun all at the same time.  Marae is at the sweetest age and she is just beautiful and hilarious.  Boone is still our jokester and loves to make everyone laugh.  Adelyn is becoming Ms. Independent/Extreme Mommy's Girl all at the same time.  Seeing her wearing Marae's clothes so quickly after Marae just got out of them bothers me a bit.  She's not a baby anymore... but I try to treat her as one as much as possible.

Marae looked so pretty.  She had her hair in a ballerina bun because she had a dance performance the day before.  I took more pictures of her because he expressions were priceless.

I love my girls so much.  I am so blessed to have them being I never had any sisters.  I just love watching them together.  They are cute little friends.

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