Saturday, April 2, 2016

Baby Animal Days 2016

Saturday we went to baby animal days at the American Heritage Center.  Our year pass ends at the end of this month we it was perfect timing.  Plus the weather was just beautiful.  It was the warmest day we've had yet this year and we have all been itching to get outside.  We were hesitant to go because we know how crazy busy it gets and our kids are use to going when there are no people so we made sure to get there right when it opened.  It was still very busy but nothing like what it was when we left at noon.

It had been too long since Marae had seen her ponies.  She loves riding and told all the people working there that she wore her cowgirl boots so she could ride the ponies.

Here is Adelyn waiting in line to see the baby bears that came down from Yellowstone.  They were absolutely adorable.

There were so many fun baby animals to see and hold.  The kids held puppies, bunnies, and turtles.  They got to pet baby cows, sheep, and pigs.  We only saw half of the animals because the lines were so long but we figured we go back later this month and hold the baby ducks and chicks that are always there.

Adelyn was so funny with the animals.  She LOVES animals and always wants to see them.  We thought she would be thrilled to hold and touch them but she didn't.  She only wanted to be next to them staring.  She didn't like holding them or really touching them.  Whenever we would walk away from an animal she would cry because she wanted to be next to it staring some more.  She is such a different child than my other two....

They had big horses for the kids to ride this time.  Marae and Boone have never been on a big horse and they were pretty excited.  I also rode behind them.  We got to go two separate times because everybody was standing in the bear line.  They were just thrilled.

Adelyn is a natural cowgirl.

Marae and Boonie's favorite thing to hold were the bunnies.  They bunnies were so sweet.  They let the kids hold them and snuggle them.  Marae was in heaven.  She has always wanted a kitty to snuggle with her and this bunny finally filled that desire.  Now she wants a bunny.  The bunny Boonie was holding fell asleep in his lap.  He was massaging its back.

Adelyn: "I don't want to touch it!!!  I only want to put my face extremely close to it and stare!!"

She has so much love to give....

It was a great Saturday activity with our little family.  Mason is leaving for 7 days this week to go to a conference in DC so it was a good time to play with daddy.

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