Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Randoms

April was a whirlwind.  Mason got a dream job at BATC as the Director of Instructional Design.  It's been such an answer to both of our prayers.  He didn't want to go back into the educational system at the elementary or high school level.  He felt he had more to offer than what that would allow.  He had begun applying at large companies on the east coast and in California.  It was such a strange time.  As I was saying my prayers I would pray that Mason would be blessed in his job hunt and that all his hard work and desires would be paid off but my heart honestly didn't want to leave Logan.  I absolutely love it here and feel like it's the perfect place to raise my babies.  I was so torn in my prayers.  But Heavenly Father truly showed us how much he loves us both.  He answered both our prayers in a way that we didn't even think possible.  Someone approached Mason about the job at Bridgerland.  He didn't even know about it.  So now we get to stay in Logan and Mason gets to work at this college high up on the board where he can make a difference and do what he loves.  It's quite amazing how it has all played out and how quickly.

So for the month of April we house hunted.  We didn't want to spend another penny on someone elses mortgage.  We found a cute little house that was built in 1915 on 1.50 acres.  We thought that was 'the house'.  We were going to fix it up, sell off one of the lots or possibly build our dream home on the other lot.  It was quite a busy time as we were having people come out and give us bids/inspect the house so we could really wrap our minds around what it would entail.  The further we got into it the more we realized how much work it would be and how hard it would be to do with a small family.  The final straw was when the inspector found lead in the paint all over and in the pipes meaning we would have to tear out all the pipes in the whole house.  One contractor said, "Honestly, it would probably just be easier to tear the whole thing down and start from scratch."  I just about had a nervous breakdown from the stress.  It was pretty bad.  I can handle a lot but for some reason this almost did me in.  I was unable to function at one point.  It must have been the spirit confirming that wasn't what we were suppose to do.  We had had mixed feelings about it the whole time.  It wasn't until we got further and further into the process that we could really get the confirmation.  It's interesting how the spirit worked this time.

But all this work on this house I think opened our eyes to what we really wanted and what would work for our family.  So at the end of April we found our dream home and will be moving into it at the beginning of June.

Here are all the millions of pictures from April.  Mason went to a conference in Washington D.C. so Klara came up to visit.  We spent a day at the Heritage Center.

Below we were Facetiming Daddy and Klara snapped this picture of Marae being so intense in my face.

Mason sent a bunch of pictures of him and the top of his head on all his adventures.  He stayed in a hostel downtown and we were afraid he was going to lose his life.  Luckily it wasn't too bad and he enjoyed his trip.

Klara and I always have fun with the camera.

I ran into an old roomie at the Heritage center.  Heather Probost (Jensen).  It was totally random being she lives in southern Utah and so fun!

Adelyn loved feeding the animals.  She would try and feed them hay and if they wouldn't eat it she would pile it on their backs.  Take that goats.

The sisters made a fort and had a picnic under it one day.  So cute.

My last activity as the YW President was going to DucWorks and making cookie sheets from scratch.  I sure love these girls and feel a sense of ownership over them.  It is honestly a beautiful calling that I grew so much in and loved dearly.

Adelyn loves baby dolls and will often be seen carrying one (or two) around the house like this.

This picture below is of a guilty baby.  I was downstairs doing laundry and Adelyn was yelling for me to let her down.  All of the sudden it got quiet.  When I came up the stairs she was sitting there eating marshmallows that she had helped herself to from the lazy susan looking at me like she was the boss.

For Marae's last joy school at our house we went to the Nature Park to collect flowers.

Norah Tolsen, Addie Penrod, Louisa Jones, Boone, Marae, Logan Skidmore

Below is a little closet in the 1915 house that Marae called the kitty door.  She loved it and probably got lead poisoning from the little amount of time she spent in there.

Our season pass to the Heritage Center expired this month.  That's why we went so many times.

Below a goat came up to Marae and got really close.  I was laughing at got out my camera.  It kept getting closer and closer and began to climb on her.  It climbed all the way up scratching her.  She was pretty offended by this goat who must have thought she was a rock.  Another momentous thing that occurred was while I was parking the stroller and Adelyn was in with the baby goats.  I walk back in to see Adelyn standing behind a goat washing her hands in a stream of it's pee.  So sick.

Marae and Lucy Allred.

Crazy sock day!

It's officially spring in Logan.  It's so beautiful!

The sisters like to sit on the curb like this.  It's so cute.

Crazy hair day!  Boonie and Benjamin Blanchard.

We found a baby bunny right outside out door.  We caught him and put him in a box for a morning.  The kids loved looking at him.  We let him go and he hung around for about a week.  He's so cute.