Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Randoms

January was our longest winter month.  That's why there's so many randoms.  We did so many things, yet pretty much nothing worth separating.

Here are some pictures Mason took of Marae teaching a lesson at church.

On New Year's Day we shot our gingerbread houses with BB Guns.  Boone loved it.

Boone is just starting to write.  I love seeing how he sounds the words out.

Marae is our little artist.  Here are some drawings of cats.

Mason says she cries like Popeye.

Here is Adelyn dancing with her pony.

We went ice skating as a family at Merlin Olsen.  I love that the park does this.  Unfortunately the kids weren't really into it this year.  We didn't last long.

Joy school:

Boonie takes my phone sometimes and takes pictures.  I like seeing things from his perspective.  Here are two he shot.

I love this one!

I took these next two of Rae because she's just so beautiful and little right now.  She likes to snuggle a lot and sometimes I just watch her and love every little thing about her.  She's growing fast.

The kids thought this was a good idea.... pulling out all the food storage under the bed and making a tunnel...  Hmmm...

Boone is getting a new molar.  So is Adelyn.

We went to Hardware Ranch to see the elk.  The kids loved it.

We got a TON of snow this year!!!

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