Sunday, January 31, 2016

Allison's 33rd Birthday!

For my birthday (the day before) Mason took me skiing at Cherry Hill.  This was after the biggest snow storm I've ever seen so the snow was soft and perfect!!  We almost weren't able to make it up to the resort there was so much snow.  We had to put chains on our tires just to get out of our driveway!!  But we were determined and I'm so glad we did.

It took me a while to get the plowing down but Mason was patient and I eventually got it.  There were a few funny moments like when I went down a hill at the very beginning and didn't know how to stop so was screaming the whole time.  Another was when I fell and actually did a head over heels summersault right under the chair lift where everyone could see me.  It was hard to get up in so much powder so I did spend a lot of time doing that... but I'm so glad we went.  Every muscle was sore the next day - but oh so worth it!!  Mason was a pro.  It was a lot of fun and Mason and I were actually able to remember why we like each other so much - we never get to spend that much time together with just us.  It was much needed and a great birthday present.

That night we went to Texas Roadhouse with the kids (partly because that restaurant is so noisy so it doesn't matter if the kids are loud) and partly because it's so yummy!  Mason outdid himself this year.  He set EVERYTHING up, including babysitting, all by himself.

I wanted to take pictures of my babies out in all the snow on my birthday before church.  It was so beautiful.

Kyle called me on my birthday and made faces...

We both know how to suck our lips up our noses... it's a rare talent.

The kids REALLY wanted me to have a pinata for my birthday.  So Mason made a unicorn out of a diaper box and the kids decorated the sides.  I am pretty impressed once again with Mason's artistic skills!!

It was a wonderful birthday and made 33 seem not so horrible!!

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