Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lefler Christmas

The Lefler Christmas party was fun as always this year.  They had it catered by a Mexican chef so we had a yummy dinner that non of us had to clean up.  Then the kids did the nativity, had a gift exchange, and then the adults did their gift exchange.  We love this tradition with the Lefler's.

Marae chose to be the angel this year and Boone was a wise man.  They were both so excited and Marae was just eating it up as you can see below.

The next morning I wanted a picture of my babies dressed in their Sunday best.  This is the best I got.

Before we drove home Sunday night we stopped by Margaret's to give her some love.  Boone and Marae sang her songs and they sang songs together.  It was very sweet.  Surprisingly she remembered most of the words to the songs... She can barely piece together a sentence with her Alzheimer's now.  But she always recognizes Mason.

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