Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas was just perfect this year.  On Christmas Eve we followed our tradition and went to the nursing home where we sang Christmas carols with the elderly.  Afterwards we went bowling with the Kelstrom's and Peterson's.  After that we went to Chuck A Rama for lunch making my dad very jealous.  It was a fun family day which we don't have too many of right now.

After naps we all went out for some fun in the snow.  Mason helped the kids dig out an ice cave in the snow pile the snow plows left in our cul de sac.  Then we all went sledding at the nature park.  There is a great hill there that no one knows about so we had a lot of fun there.  Unfortunately Boone slid down the side of the hill on accident and hurt his leg pretty badly.  We were worried he may have broken it but we were able to get him to calm down and see that he was okay at home.  

That evening the kids got hot chocolate and got to open 1 gift.  They got some new Christmas pajamas.  We watched a nativity video online and talked about Christ.  It was a precious moment where everyone felt the spirit.  

We left a plate of cookies out for Santa and tracked him online.  Surprisingly the kids went right to sleep.  They usually stay up until around 9 just playing in their rooms but they went right to bed.  They must not have wanted to risk the chance of Santa passing them by!!

The next morning everyone woke up as normal and we opened stalkings. 

Then we had breakfast and dove into the gifts.  The kids had a wonderful Christmas this year and were VERY spoiled!!  Mason brought home all kinds of surprises that I didn't even know about.  The biggest hit was this princess castle that goes right along with all of Marae's princesses that she already has.

Here is Mason modeling his gift from Stacey Allen.

Then came the SANTA GIFTS!!!

Boone was elated.

Mason found some skis at DI and gave us those as a gift.  So we took a spin around the backyard.

Here is Boone showing off his bruise the next day.  Man that must have hurt!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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