Sunday, November 22, 2015

Adelyn Turns 1 Year Old!!

Weight: 20 lbs 2 oz - 70th Percentile
Height: 30 inches - 90th Percentile

Fastest year of my life....  My baby is already 1.   I can't even believe.  She is the most precious thing on Earth.

  • Makes the cutest baby sounds ever.  Her favorite thing to say is what we interpret as "What's that".  It is almost sung the way she says it.
  • She says, "Mama, dada, amen, and dog"
  • She loves to wave bye bye
  • She has a SENSITIVE spirit.  She does not like to be reprimanded.  It just breaks her little heart.  If she throws something on the floor and you look at her and say, "No" - even if it's the most gentle 'no' she will melt into a puddle of tears.  It's just precious.  The odd thing is is that I'm yelling at the other two all day... if I even so much as give her a nod of the head she can't handle it.
  • She loves dog, cats, and pretty much any animal and MUST touch them if she sees them.
  • She is a fabulous eater.  There isn't much she won't eat.
  • We just finished weening her at 1 year and 2 weeks... over Thanksgiving while we were visiting Nanna to be exact.  I'm a little sad because I love my snuggles and it also makes me sad because she has woken up twice in the nights since then and wanted to nurse but I have nothing for her.  Why do they grow so fast!?
  • She is a snuggler.  The other day I was sick on the couch and she just wanted to snuggle with me all day.  She likes to peacefully sit with you.  What a dream.
  • Her favorite toy is the unicorn pillow pet that shines lights on the roof that Grandma gave her.  She just loves it and I hear her in there playing with it before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up.
  • She is learning how to walk with the toy pusher.  She walks along holding on to things.  I never want her to walk.
  • She has two teeth on the bottom.  I never want her to get teeth.
  • She adores Boonie and lights up whenever she sees him.  She likes to laugh at him while he makes silly faces at her.
  • She adores Marae and lights up whenever she sees her and tries to pull her hair at any chance she gets.  She never tries to pull anyone elses hair... just Marae's.
  • She is a great independent player.  She will go around the house playing by herself.  I'll forget where she is and have to go find her she's so quiet and peaceful... Dream.
  • She loves her daddy and crawls as fast as she can to him when he comes home for a hug.
  • She loves her mommy SO MUCH and whenever I come in the room and someone is holding her she leans towards me until she has to be handed over.  I just adore her.  I can't get enough.  I told Mason today that i hope when I'm older I have a dog that I love as much as my babies or else I fear I will never be happy.
  • Her hair is the topic of many conversations - it's pretty much amazing.
  • She LOVES her binkie.  Loves it.
  • So there you have it... my 1 year old is pretty much the greatest thing...

She loves boxes about this size... raisin boxes, Nerds, Milk duds.  She doesn't care if they are empty or full.  She just loves them.

She uses random objects for her Binkie.

I found her one day in Marae's closet (where Marae often hides food).  Who knew how much damage half of an oreo could do.

Baby dolly girl.

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