Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adelyn 11 Months

Her nickname remains 'The Shag'.  One of my favorite things is going in her room in the morning and seeing this happy little muppet looking at me.  There is always such a cute baby face underneath.

The shag in all her glory.

She reminds me of the cows in Scotland.

My heart about explodes every day from her adorableness and delight.

Here she is trying out her Halloween costume.

Sneeze picture:

I can't get enough of her... I am so 'that annoying mom' but only on here.  I don't walk around the world gushing over my baby.  Although I should.  She has just started pulling herself up on things.

Leaf buns.

Marae gave her some Halloween makeup with a marker....

Adelyn likes to head straight for the spiders traps whenever the door is left open.  So sick.

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