Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

We are a Halloween celebrating family around here!!  Here is a recap of our many many many festivities.  I'll be honest... we had so much fun that I think I was actually ready for Halloween to be over this year!!  :)

Presenting: Ninja Boone!!!  This was on the morning of his preschool party.

I took the kids to the Halloween carnival at Wilson Elementary - Boone's school.

The young women (me) hosted the ward Halloween party.  That kept me pretty busy planning that week.  The darling poodle made her appearance!!  Below is Adelyn and Norah Madsen - my YW Secretary's baby.

Mason and I were greasers - and Adelyn my poodle to match my poodle skirt!!

Halloween morning I took the kids downtown to go shopping in the stores.  I didn't want to put Marae's costume all the way on so she wore her Mermaid dress.

Here is Marae in her unicorn costume.  She's just precious.

After trick or treating this is how we found Marae in the backseat of the car.  Complete with a half eaten candy cane on her dress.  Crazy Rae.

There was too much goodness going on in this picture:

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

October Randoms

I love the month of October.  Fall and Halloween are just so much fun.  Get ready for some pictures!!!!

The grapes outside finally ripened.  Marae was selling them at the great price of a leaf one afternoon.

Here is Boone testing out his costume.

Boone lost another tooth!

My beautiful babies:

I took these pictures of Marae because of how ridiculously cute she looked in her nightgown.  I had made homemade apple sauce in the slow cooker and she was sampling some right before bed. 

Someday I'm going to miss having all these little goofs around.

We went to the Heritage Center for their Fall Festival.  The kids got to milk a cow.

Boone and I went on a walk at the Nature Park.  He walked the whole circle backwards with his eyes like this - cracking me up.

Marae had her first dance recital.  She did SO WELL!!  I was worried that she would get nervous or refuse to go out.  But she was the best little dancer out there and had no nerves whatsoever!!  She made me cry with how adorable she was.  Below is her teacher.

At the pumpkin walk:

Family night at the corn maze:

My bestie Emily moved to Texas.  We went out one more time before she left.  We just had dinner and then went shopping at Walmart... There isn't much to do in the tiny town of Brigham City where we met in the middle of our homes.  These pictures were taken in the Walmart dressing room - do you think we are a little old to be having a dance party in the dressing room??  Absolutely not.

I ran out to snap this picture of the beautiful sunrise one morning:

One day while at the grocery store Boone insisted on buying a Plantain.  So we made plantain chips - well he did.