Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Randoms

With September comes back to school pictures!!  Fall is such a busy time for us with school starting and everyone birthdays.  We love fall!!

Boone started school at the end of August.  Marae started Joy School with a group of moms in the ward at the beginning of September.  Here are her first day of school pictures.

Boone participated in a fun run at his school.  He was so excited about this event.  He has been talking about being in a race for so long.  When he heard there was going to be one with his class he was ecstatic!  He was planning on how he was going to win the race, what shoes he was going to wear (he actually wanted to go barefoot because he thinks he runs faster that way).  He had been practicing with his friends all week too.

We got to go watch.  Mason and I were so excited to see him so excited.  We couldn't see where the race started and when we saw his class he was at the end of the group...  Not like him at all.  Well I guess all the kids lined up and right as they blew the whistle and everyone took off he tripped over his shoelaces and fell.  His teacher, knowing how seriously important this was to him, told him to get up, don't cry and run!! I'm so glad she said this because he would have been devastated.  He prides himself in his speed.  Sure enough as we watched him he passed every single one of his classmates and won!  He was SO proud.  His two little friends came in 2nd and 3rd.  His knee was pretty skinned up so once he got his victory down and the celebration took place he melted down into a puddle of inconsolable tears and I had to take him home.  He was so cute. 

One more lap to go!!  In these pictures he is currently in 2nd place behind Benjamin.  He passed him up by the end.

He is so precious and just loves to run!

Here are the winners!!  Collin came in 3rd, Benjamin in 2nd, and Boone in 1st!

This was during the primary program.  How darling are these little boys??  I wish they could grow up together.  Boone, Collin, Theron, Benjamin.

Here are some joy school pictures of Marae when I've been the teacher.

Below is a picture of Marae sleeping with her best friend 'stick on a horse'.  She tucks it in to bed nightly.

Marae has a little friend named Norah.  They spend a lot of time together with joy school twice a week, dance, and nursery.  Her mom and I are good friends.  This was taken at Norah's birthday.  These two are two of a kind which can be dangerous sometimes.

Look at my beautiful babies!!

Marae is modeling the coat Grandma gave her for her birthday.

Below is our neighbor Oscar Romero.  They invited us over for dinner and made a delicious feast!!  It was a full rodizio!  They are from Argentina so the food was just delicious.

We decided to start the tradition of taking each kid out for a birthday dinner at a restaurant of their choice so they get some good quality mommy and daddy time.  Marae chose noodles so we went to Olive Garden.

Boone lost his first tooth!!  I cried...  Here he is with his toothfairy dinosaur pillow ready to go to sleep. 

It had been loose for a while.  He finally lost it at the grocery store while sampling a donut ball.  He stuffed the whole thing in his mouth and started crying.  I knew his tooth had come out when I saw the blood.  I was just worried he had swallowed it!!  I had him spit the whole thing into a napkin and I stuffed it into my purse to dissect later.  I had the other two with me as well.  Do you think we made much of a scene....?

Below Boone is modeling a coat I bought for Marae at The Divvy Up.  It won't fit her for a couple years but I had to see how cute it would look on.

Mid September we went to Emily's house for a BBQ.  While there I took her family pictures at the Union Station in Ogden.  Below are a few of the shots I snapped of all our kids playing on the trains.

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