Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Boone's Ninja Party

Boone's party was so fun.  We invited all his little buddies and they all had a blast.  We started the party off with an obstacle course like American Ninja Warrior.  They all LOVED it.  They got to punch bad guy balloons, climb ladders, throw balls at bad guys, and at the end they got to break a styrofoam board.  It was a little boys heaven.

After that I had one of my young women Abril Romero who is about to get her black belt in karate come over and teach the boys the basics of karate.  They loved it too.

And towards the end they broke a homemade pinata.  Again, Mason's artists skills are amazing.

He got a ninja turtle jacket from Grandma that he loves.

This was Boone going to school on his birthday.  He was so cute.

Here are Marae, Benjamin, Emmanuel, Collin, and Boone after the party.

At the party were Boone, Emmanuel Romero, Marae, Collin Kelstrom, Theron Peterson, Benjamin Blanchard, JJ Townsley, and Frankie Townsley.

Below is Boone fighting the bad guy balloons.

He had a great birthday.  I love my little boy.  He's ALL BOY!!

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