Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Adelyn 10Months

Things Adelyn does at 10 months:
  • FINALLY scoots.  She had been getting up on her knees to crawl but can never figure it out.  Now she can finally move with great effort.  She pulls herself mostly with her arms but she can get around a room pretty well.  She likes to get into the things in her brothers room that she isn't suppose to... aka puzzles and legos.  Don't worry.  We watch her closely.
  • She throws things in the funniest way.  Like when she gets a lego in her hand she knows she isn't suppose to have she will flap her arms wildly until the item flies out.  She does this with balls too.  She doesn't know how to throw so she just flaps crazily until it flies out of her hands.
  • She still spits food.  But this usually only happens when she is full now.
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES her little wolf dog Mason brought her after one of his conferences.  I'll have to get a picture of it.  She loves to snuggle it and rub her face on it.
  • Claps her hands and waves.
  • She makes a kissing sound with her gums.  It sounds just like the kissing sound.  She gives her wolf kisses sometimes.
  • She still has no teeth.
  • She likes to try and help change her diaper.... NO THANK YOU.
  • She is still a perfect dolly - as always!!
  • Her nickname is 'The Shag'.


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