Monday, August 31, 2015

August Randoms

Boone loves his skeleton costume that is too small.  That doesn't stop him.  He put this on and scared Mason coming up the stairs.  It actually worked.

My cute boys taking a Sunday nap.

National Rootbeer day means free rootbeer floats!!

Emmanuel Romero, Boone's new 'best friend' got baptized.

We had a massive beehive in the tree.  Poor Emmanuel got stung on the ear.  Mason bravely took care of it.

Why not?  I briefly remember a similar picture with Boone and Marae.  It must be the age.

Making kale chips from the garden.  The kids actually liked them!

This is how ninja's sleep.

Mason the pancake artist is at it again with this horse pancake.

We went to Bear Lake with our besties the Townsley's.

Boone took my camera one day and went about taking pictures.  I thought it was cute to see what he thought was picture worthy.

Cuties watching the garbage truck.

And that's August in a nutshell!!

Aren't my kids the cutest.  Boone got a new suit from Emmanuel and it fits him perfectly right now.  Isn't he handsome!?  Of course Rae had to jump in and be darling too.

And Boone grew up a little more and started preschool at Wilson Elementary.  He's in the same class with three of his best friends.  Benjamin Blanchard and Collin Kelstrom. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mud Run

Mason and I and a bunch of our friends ran the Man vs Mud race at the Heritage Center.  I've wanted to do one of these races ever since I first heard about them!  Thankfully it lived up to my expectations even in the small town of Logan.  We had a blast.

We signed up with our besties the Petersons, Allreds, and Hales.  We decided to make it a little more competitive and put one night of babysitting on the line.  Whoever won walked away with 3 nights of free babysitting and the title.  We were all pretty close in pace, but naturally we won!!  Haha... We are amazing.

Here we were at the beginning all nice and clean.

Renee and Richie Peterson dressed up like pirates.  It was awesome.

I was super sad we didn't really have anyone there to take pictures.  Luckily we got the ones we did.  This one was taken after we had just climbed out of the trench.  We basically crawled threw like pigs wallowing in the mud.  It was wonderful.

It was fun acting like kids and not caring one bit.  I got to throw mud at my husband.  I'm the only one who made it across the lake of floating lilly pads.  At the end Renee and I ran into the middle of the college boy mosh pit that was going on.  It was all just so perfect and dirty!!!