Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adelyn 8 Months

Adelyn and Lilly Allred

I have a little dolly.

Adelyn at 8 months:
  • Dances to music/singing.
  • Smiles a giant gummy grin that I just love.
  • Still has no teeth.
  • Rolls to get anywhere.
  • Loves dogs/animals and screams frantically whenever she sees one.
  • Has amazing hair and blue eyes.
  • Spits a lot.  She went through a naughty spitting phase where she would spit out any food we put in her mouth.  It was quite messy and naughty, naughty, naughty.
  • She makes a purring gurgling sound in the back of her throat that's really quiet whenever she approves or likes something.
  • Sleeps through the night like a champ.
  • Always pulls her bows out of her hair whenever she remembers they are there.
  • Flaps her arms really fast like a bird trying to take flight.
  • Loves to see Boonie.
  • She gets super excited and flaps her mop head around in the morning whenever I come in to see her.
  • LOVES food and demands to eat whatever you are eating.
  • Eats blueberries, cucumbers, and baby puffs.
  • Her favorite food is paper - particularly grocery lists.
  • Doesn't like the feeling of swings.  She gets really stiff and scared.
  • She has natural highlights in hair.  The modern trend in hair right now is called Ombre.  It's where the tips of your hair is light and the roots are dark making a nice blend.  Well she has reverse ombre hair.  It's really dark on the ends and like on the roots.  She's so fancy.
  • Officially no more burrito. 

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