Friday, May 22, 2015

Adelyn 6 Months


This past month was pretty rough with my dolly.  She had a horrible rash for about 5 weeks.  I know it made her itch like crazy all over her entire body.  We tried about every kind of cream we could think of and nothing worked.  It just went away after 5 weeks.  I honestly think it was a seasonal allergy type thing.  She must be allergic to something.  I tried taking things out of my diet/prenatal pill that I had changed/baby oatmeal - seriously EVERYTHING.  Thankfully it went away.  But that month that it took for it to go away felt pretty long with hourly wakings at night and my poor baby just crying because she was uncomfortable.

But now I am writing this at 6 months plus one week and she is just a sweet little peach again.

Things Adelyn is doing at 6 months:
  • Adelyn just said her first word a couple days ago.  Mama!!  Ma ma ma ma ma!!  As if she weren't already my favorite thing in the word... this was just icing on the cake.
  • She can sit up if she is holding on to something in front of her.  She will go crashing over at any given moment though.
  • She has rolled over from stomach to back about 5 times in her life.  This is a huge milestone for my tiny little infant who we still treat like a newborn baby.  And I'm completely fine with that.  I want her to grow up as slowly as possible.
  • She eats baby oatmeal, green beans, peas, and garden veggies now.  She LOVES her food.  She is so funny because every time we sit down to feed her she will stick her little tongue out to taste the food first to see what it is.  She use to not eat peas but now she will down anything and sometimes demand seconds!!  I love my little tank.
  • Her cheeks are delicious.  I have had multiple people pick her up and then be surprised at how little she weighs.  They always say, "I thought she was going to be heavier.  Her cheeks fooled me."  She's a skinny baby minus those scrumptious cheeks.
  • She is such an easy going baby.  She is just easy and chill all the time now.  If she is tired she will just hang out with you and is easily distracted which makes my life very easy especially if we are out on the go.  
  • At night from about 8-9:30 she gets to hang out with mommy and daddy.  This is part of her routine and she'll just sit on our laps and watch tv with us.  It's a delightful snugglefest.
  • She gets wild at night when we finally do take her down to her room to change into her jammies.  She'll laugh at anything and gets so excited to go to bed.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day with her.
  • She gets up about 2 times a night.  Sometimes 1 time a night and last night she slept from 10 to 8 this morning.  We haven't done any sleep training with her yet because she's so easy going.  She does still sleep in a burrito but it has graduated to a lock down burrito.  Mason invented it.  He uses a t-shirt to wrap her arms down behind her back and then does the burrito on top.  She loves it.  It makes me claustrophobic to thing about.
  • She is still the greatest thing around this family.  Everyone adores her.  I wish I could keep her forever.

She loves to smash her face into my face and give kisses.  I love it and can't get enough.

Here she is going in for a kiss.

This little piggy went to the market.

And here are her randoms from the month:
Her first time with pigtails and in the swing.

Still a burrito baby.

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Nicole said...

What a sweet little Cabbage Patch girl you've got there!