Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Adelyn 5 Months

Things Adelyn does at 5 months:

  • About 2 weeks ago she developed a HORRIBLE rash.  It has lasted two solid weeks.  I took her in to the doctor and he says that it's just something topical and just to ride it out.  It has bother her SO much.  Sometimes it looks like she's going to rip her ear/face/hair out she starts scratching at it so much.  Needless to say... nights have pretty much gone to pot.  But she has a good excuse.  I just hope it goes away quickly.  She has developed some new nicknames:  Pizza face and zit face.  Poor little girlie.
  • She has become so naughty at night.  When she wakes up she is angry and doesn't let me put her back in a swaddle without a fight.  But once she eats she falls right back to sleep... She does this 3 or 4 times a night.  Naughty, naughty.  We are moving next week and she will get her own isolated room... then these naughty nights will end my darling.
  • She's hilarious.  She will scream a high pitched scream to get your attention and then just smile the fattest smile at you.  She is so adorable.
  • Her cheeks are getting bigger and bigger!!  If they could be measured I would bet they were an inch and a half thick.
  • Her hair continues to amaze.  My other two babies lost some of their hair.  I remember Marae looking kind of scrappy at this age.  Not Adelyn.  She should be very proud of her mane.
  • Her newest sound it the blood curling girl scream.  She does it pretty much anytime she is awake and happy.  She was in our bedroom sleeping while we were all out in the living room and we hear this scream from out of a haunted house - don't worry - that's just Adelyn happily telling us she's awake.  It is so funny and it makes the other two want to join in screaming - especially Marae.
  • She's my lazy daisy.  I don't think she will ever roll over.  She's rolls to the side sometimes and she is constantly trying to do a sit up (we call it her ab workout)... but when it comes to rolling over - she will still have nothing to do with her stomach.
  • She's beautiful, adorable, sweet, squishy, and pretty much still the greatest thing around here.
A lot of these pictures are to show her rash.  I wanted to document them for the doctor.

This picture below was of her guilty face after she had gotten up EVERY HOUR the night before.  Oh baby girl.

Oh my goodness I love her.

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