Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adelyn 4 Months

Adelyn 4 month stats:
Weight 13.13 oz - 60th Percentile
Height: 26 inches - 97th Percentile

She is so beautiful and that hair just keeps on growing!!  I could stare at her for hours.

Things Adelyn does at 4 Months:
  • She got her shots on the 23rd and that broke her for about a week.  Plus that week was crazy busy with the ward talent show I hosted and she didn't get very many good naps.  So between those two factors she gave me a couple newborn baby night sleeps and I was worried that she was forever broken.  Luckily the past two nights she has gone back to normal.  And normal right now is  getting up twice a night.  Once at 12:30ish and another at 5:30.  I don't mind doing that.  But that week of sleepless night when we were getting up every hour and a half or so was brutal.  But I figured being she never did it when she was shiny and new I couldn't get too mad at her.
  • She likes to feel her hair.  She'll put her cute little hand up there and it looks like she's fluffing it.  This stemmed from when she use to put her hand up there and pull it.  Now she just fluffs it.
  • She has started baby oatmeal and eats it like champ.  She loves it and did amazing well for a 4 month old baby the first time she ate it.
  • Her cheeks are growing and growing.  I swear when she gets tired she just puts her head forward and rests it on her cheeks which support it completely.  She looks like a hamburger faced baby.
  • Her hair is amazing... as if it weren't already.  We call her our Rapunzel baby.  It's in her eyes a lot so I have to swoop it to the side.  It ALWAYS sticks up in the back... even if I water it down.  It looks like the perfect 1960's bouffant.  I couldn't style it like that if I tried!!
  • Before solids she would only 'get stinky' once a week.  Now that she's started the oatmeal she is much more regular.  I only note this because I go back and read Marae and Boonie's monthly updates and it helps me to know what's normal.
  • She is getting pretty good with her hands.  She likes to stare at them and she can grab things pretty accurately.
  • She still likes her burritos but she does work pretty hard to get out of them whenever she wakes up.  It's like it's a challenge that she must complete.  She won't cry for me to get her until her arms are out.  Sometimes when Mason ties her up too tight and she wakes up and can't get them out she'll EXPLODE into an angry baby cry.
  • She loves Boonie.  He can always get the biggest smiles out of her.  He also likes to burp her and finds it hilarious every single time.  He also thinks it's hilarious when she drools a little bit on her shirt and I say, "No, no Adelyn... Don't get your shirt dirty."  After I wipe it off more times than not she will projectile vomit a massive amount fully ensuring that her shirt gets dirty and nothing makes him laugh more.  This happens quite often.  He thinks she's pretty much the most hilarious thing he's ever seen.  And from his perspective I can see it.  A darling little creature with lots of hair that toots, burps, barfs, and smiles all at the same time.  Every little boys dream.

I adore this picture below.  She looked so evil when I took her pigtails out... like she was plotting sometime against me.

She loves her Sunday naps with daddy.  She likes to fall asleep with her head against your head.  They fell asleep like that on Sunday.  She's the sweetest thing.  I can't get enough.

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