Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Randoms

April was a very busy/fun month!!
To start off here are some pictures of my beautiful Rae with her new umbrella.  I love my girl.

When Boonie and I were swinging Rae said, "Mommy you're flying as high as the clouds!!"

We went to the Treehouse museum with Frankie and Emily.

My view the majority of the time...  Fuzz head.

Quite possibly the best picture ever:

I gained a new nephew and the kids gained another cousin.  Charlie Leybas.  He had to stay in the hospital for the first 4 months of his life.  His esophagus was connected at birth so they had to wait until he was old enough for the surgery.  It was scary for a while there but now (at 4 months) he's doing well. 

Rae put the flowers in the vase for me.

Mason went on a trip to another conference for a week.  The kids and I tried to stay sane.

Boonie adopted Ryan Cannon our downstairs neighbor as his surrogate father during the week he was gone and helped him cut the grass.

The night Mason was suppose to come home he missed his flight and it was about more than I could handle.  I had the end in sight and being a single mother for a week with a rashed non sleeping baby was exhausting.  When he called and said he would be home I cried and then took the kids to IHOP by myself to eat away my sorrows.  And thankfully the kids were really good.

Mason went to the Chicago Art Institute while there and he saw this picture and said he felt it captured what my week was like.  He has NO IDEA how accurate it is.

Our awesome neighbor Leisl Cannon.

Rash flare up baby.

I love these little buddies.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Baby Animal Days

We bought a year pass at the American West Heritage Center.  It's a cute place that does a few events throughout the year.  They also have train rides and pony rides for the kids.  We went on baby animal days where the kids got to see a bunch of the baby animals and hold them.  Marae also has a new love for horses.  She calls them her ponies and always tells me that she needs to go visit her ponies.

The kids loved the baby goats.  They were so tiny and cute so the kids wanted to hold them nonstop.  It was pretty dang cute.