Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Randoms

To start off the month, my mom stayed a couple of days after Adelyn's blessing.  Mason was suppose to be going to a conference in Las Vegas, but ended up not going.  We were able to have a nice girls night out and then she went home.  But, as always, before she left it snowed for her.  So we got to have some fun!!

Here Rae was shooting cars with her stick.

Boonie has a rock collection.  He is VERY proud of it.

I got a new calling in the ward as the Young Women's President.  That's a whole other post in and of itself.  But here I was the week after I got called at one of my young women's plays.

Left to right: Christina Blanchard, Lee Kingsford, Amy Lacey, Rebecca Hales, Abigail Blanchard, Abril Romero, Kaitlin Perkins

I got a haircut for the first time in 1 year.

First pigtails!!

Boone and Frankie

A fun family night... rolling down the hill at USU.

On St. Patrick's Day Boone made leprechaun traps.  He was determined to catch one.  At the end of the day the leprechaun left him green rocks that disolved in vinegar leaving a gold coin in each one.

Mason broke his nose playing church ball. 

I looked out the window while making dinner one evening as Mason got home and he was standing there hugging Rae while Boonie was hugging his feet.  I missed the hugging Rae part (he's putting her down) but it was such a sweet moment.  Mason is a good daddy.

One of my young women went to prom and I did her hair.  This is Kaytlynn Bean.

2 weeks after being put in as YW Pres I had to host the annual camp fundraiser.  It was a silent auction/talent show and a MAJOR thing to host.  But it turned out great.  Here is Boone in his costume.  He and his friends did an indian dance.

The spring flowers have started blooming everywhere and they are just beautiful.  My kids love to go walking a looking at them.  One afternoon Boonie brought a handful of gorgeous flowers up to me to put in the house.  I gushed over them and told him how sweet that was. 

Then Marae came up and handed me these pictured below.  I love my crazy Rae.  She is so hilarious.

Boone and Ella:

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