Sunday, March 1, 2015

Adelyn's Blessing

Isn't she an angel!?  These are my favorite picture of my Addie bug yet.  She is so beautiful.  How lucky am I that she's mine??

My mom took notes during the blessing and I'm thankful she did as I had a very squirmy and distracting Marae on my lap.  Here are the notes she took:

Blessed with the power to discern, to see clearly between right & wrong, darkness and light.
Blessed to feel the spirit - to have the power & courage to make right decisions.
Blessed to have desire and knowledge to turn to the Lord in trials.
Blessed with a good mind, courage, resilience and to see the hand of God in your life.

Her blessing was celebrated by both sides of our family.  She is the first baby to have so many family members able to attend.  She is very loved.

Somehow we managed to fit 30+ people in our tiny house!!

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