Friday, February 27, 2015

Rae's Week As An Only Child

Rae and I had so much fun on her week as an only child.  She was so sweet and fun to watch her play by herself.  This child has an imagination.  Her favorite thing to play while Boonie was gone was with her princesses in her pink bus.  I'm so thankful I have a daughter.

The week started off with a couple bumps and bruises - true to form.

This happened as she was running to her daddy and she tripped and fell and her face skidded all the way down the couch.  Oh Rae.  Then she scratched a deep scratch on her chin with a piece of plastic.  Lots of bandaids!! 

I made sure to do things that are difficult to do with 2 children helping and that I use to do with Boone when he was the only child.  So we made cookies one day.  I love my little helper with her black eye.

We had our first tea party another day.  Marae LOVED this.  She enjoyed pouring the water out of the pot over and over again.  She insisted that I drink the water so that she could fill it back up again.  But I was getting so full of water.... I finally got a large mixing bowl to dump it in.  But I had to sneak it in otherwise she was offended that I didn't drink her drink.

She's so sweet in this picture below:

And then so much Marae in this picture below.  I call this picture below "Tea Parties Gone Wild".  She cracks me up.

My beautiful little Rae.  I got to soak in the every day moments with her.  It was very enjoyable.  I wish I could have more moments one on one with my children.  They need it and so do I.  At this point in Marae's life she really was a high maintenance child, but I swear after this week was when she started to calm down.  She just needed some undivided attention from her parents to make her feel special and realize that getting along with Boonie was really that bad of a thing to do.

I love you my little Rae of sunshine.  My little girl is growing up.  She's not a baby anymore.

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