Thursday, February 12, 2015

Arizona Post Part 1

We went to Arizona in the middle of February.  Frontier Airlines was having an AMAZING sale.  39$ tickets one way.  It was too good of a deal not to go.  My parents said they would pay for it as a birthday present to me.  That being said... as soon as I clicked 'purchase' on the airline website my heart sank.... What was I thinking??  I have a brand new baby who is barely 2 months old and I'll be flying ALONE with 3 children!?  I had fears of the measles outbreak reaching my newborn and the unavoidable germs that my two younger ones were sure to pick up at an airport almost made me call off the whole deal.  My mom told me that I was coming down to visit no matter what... even if she had to get in the car and drive me down there.  We had never taken Adelyn anywhere (WE - meaning Mason and I together as a team - what was I thinking?!) and somehow I thought I could handle this.

Luckily I calmed down and just took it all one step at a time.  Imagining the 8 hours of traveling it took OVER NAP TIME almost overwhelmed me too... Trying to squeeze nursing a newborn into all of that!?  Oh boy... I'm getting anxious thinking about it again and here I am writing this two months later.  THANKFULLY the kids were really good on the flight.  There were no major incidents.  I planned the snacks accordingly, and the televisions on the back of the airline seats were a godsend.  UNTIL.... as we were landing and the kids (Marae) were getting restless I told them, "The airplane is landing... We will get off soon.  Here eat this fundip candy treat that someone gave us that I would normally NEVER give you but I'm at my last resort."

UNTIL... We touched down in Phoenix and my kids were done.  I just kept telling them that we just had to park the plane and then we could get off.  Well just then the captain gets on the loud speaker and says that all the gates are full and we'd have to sit there and wait 30 minutes until one was empty.  And that's when IT. GOT. REAL.  I'm talking two year old level 5 meltdown complete with 4 year old defiance and newborn hunger/exhaustion.  I'm not one to disrespect really anyone, but when the flight attendant came up to me and told me to get Marae buckled who was writhing on the floor screaming bc dee dee was in the overhead compartment 5 rows up so we could drive those 30 feet to the terminal and I had an infant attached to my bosom I just looked at her and said, "Really!?  Really, lady???"  And she walked away.

All in all we had a good time in AZ.  It was too much with a newborn by myself.  I don't think I'll ever try that again, but the kids had fun and it was nice to get warm.

The kids see the pool and automatically think they have to get in it.  It doesn't matter that it was February and freezing.  They still wanted to play in it and Boonie actually went swimming.  Crazy kid.

One day we went to the Children's Museum.  We did get some good quality cousin time in.

We were there over Valentine's Day.  Poor Mason was all alone on Valentine's Day.  I left him a scavenger hunt around the house so we wouldn't feel neglected.  I love my 3 little Valentine's.

Kyle's family came down for Valentine's Day.  Kyle got out grandaddy's old train set for probably the last time ever.  It was fun to see something that was so amazing to me as a kid.  I was actually nicknamed Godzilla by him because of this train set.  When I was 2 I use to come in and destroy his little town that he was so proud of.  The kids liked it and I know my mom enjoyed seeing it too.

Then we went to a carnival that was in town and the kids got spoiled by grandma and grandpa.  We had some tasty fry bread afterwards.

It's so fun having cousins the same age.  They get along so well - Darci and Boone that is.  Kellen and Marae are getting there.

Marae's hair is getting so blonde!

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