Saturday, February 14, 2015

Arizona Part 2 - Renaissance Festival

Another brave endeavor was taking all the kids to the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  I was worried that Adelyn was getting a little sick, which she was as you can see in the picture below - plus she hates her carseat and screams for the majority of the time while being in it.  But my main motivation for going was the food.  And it was delicious.  It was kinda hard with little kids we decided.  I basically spent my whole time searching for a place to nurse or a quiet place to let babies nap.  Boone and Darci were the perfect age though and they had a great time!

Here they are sitting waiting for the mudmen to start.  My dad said that I left Marae there with Kyle and Stacey and they both panicked saying, "Don't leave her with us!!  We don't know how to handle her!!!"  Her reputation proceeds her.

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