Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Randoms

Look at Marae's hair!!!!!  This was my best yet!!

I loved this moment.  It was one of those mommy moments where I stepped back and loved my two little precious ones eating for a moment on a banana break.  Sometimes I wish I could keep them little forever.  There is just so much to admire and love about these pictures.  The bed head, the superman/batman/ninja turtle mask/dinosaur feet little boy, and the butterfly little girl who calls herself fire girl (the female superhero on the old Spiderman cartoons).  I love these two dorks.

My best friend Emily turned 30 and her husband threw her a dance party.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  It was a great family night celebrating Emily.  I haven't danced like that in years.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rae's Week As An Only Child

Rae and I had so much fun on her week as an only child.  She was so sweet and fun to watch her play by herself.  This child has an imagination.  Her favorite thing to play while Boonie was gone was with her princesses in her pink bus.  I'm so thankful I have a daughter.

The week started off with a couple bumps and bruises - true to form.

This happened as she was running to her daddy and she tripped and fell and her face skidded all the way down the couch.  Oh Rae.  Then she scratched a deep scratch on her chin with a piece of plastic.  Lots of bandaids!! 

I made sure to do things that are difficult to do with 2 children helping and that I use to do with Boone when he was the only child.  So we made cookies one day.  I love my little helper with her black eye.

We had our first tea party another day.  Marae LOVED this.  She enjoyed pouring the water out of the pot over and over again.  She insisted that I drink the water so that she could fill it back up again.  But I was getting so full of water.... I finally got a large mixing bowl to dump it in.  But I had to sneak it in otherwise she was offended that I didn't drink her drink.

She's so sweet in this picture below:

And then so much Marae in this picture below.  I call this picture below "Tea Parties Gone Wild".  She cracks me up.

My beautiful little Rae.  I got to soak in the every day moments with her.  It was very enjoyable.  I wish I could have more moments one on one with my children.  They need it and so do I.  At this point in Marae's life she really was a high maintenance child, but I swear after this week was when she started to calm down.  She just needed some undivided attention from her parents to make her feel special and realize that getting along with Boonie was really that bad of a thing to do.

I love you my little Rae of sunshine.  My little girl is growing up.  She's not a baby anymore.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Boone Stays in AZ

My parents were going to be flying up a week after we left AZ for Adelyn's blessing so we decided to leave Boonie down there for some good quality bonding time.  He got plenty spoiled as every grandchild should!!  He did very well for his first time being away.  These pictures below are all pictures that my parents sent me.  My dad had always wanted to take a grandchild to a carnival by himself so they bought an all rides pass and spent a couple hours there.  Living the dream Boonie!!! 

The crazy kid insisted on going swimming even though it was freezing!!

He was missed by many up here in Logan.  Here is a picture Ella sent him - they are a match made in heaven.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adelyn 3 Months

AHH!!  So the cuteness overload in these pictures may just cause me to explode.  I can't stop looking at her chubby chunky cheeks and little elf ears.  I know I'm going to look back on these pictures someday and laugh until I cry.  I couldn't adore this little lady any more than I already do.  She's the best thing that's happened to me.

She is so stinking delightful.  Still the best baby that was ever born to a mother on this earth.  She sleeps all night, doesn't need to be rocked to take naps, content and happy all the time, nurses like a champ.  My goodness I could have 10 more babies like this one.

Things she does this month:
  • She is getting better control over her hands.  She can move them in front of her face and likes to stare at them.  She also likes to put them in her mouth.
  • She has pulled her hair twice.  It's been pretty hard too.  She'll go up to feel her luscious locks and then her little fist will clamp down tight and she pulls it and screams!  Poor little one.  I have a hard time not cracking up.  The first time I ran her into the room Mason was in so he could partake in this heart wrenching joy.  I think she's already figured out she's the one that does it though.  I see her feeling her hair all the time and she doesn't pull it anymore.  Love her.
  • She likes to squeal and talk to you.  Sometimes she sounds like a little cat meowing.  The other two kids think she's hilarious.
  • She just graduated to 3-6 month clothes.  Breaks my heart.
  • She gets silly at night and likes to laugh.
  • Whenever you pick her up towards your face she opens her mouth and contracts her body in excitement.
  • Bath time is one of her favorites!

I've got grumpy buns of the other two, so I had to get one of hers.