Thursday, January 29, 2015


Sweet baby Rae.  I'm sitting here waiting for Marae to wake up from her nap and I thought I'd just jot down a few things about her right now.  She's quite a character.  She has a strong personality and will at times and other times she is the sweetest thing ever.  She likes to follow me around and it makes me laugh that I can hear he stomping footsteps on our hollow floor coming to find me whenever I sneak away from her.  She is a jabbery little thing right now.  She loves to talk and I love to listen to her talk as she tries to form words as fast as her brain is moving.  She will sit there and say the same thing over and over until you acknowledge what she has said.  She has the cutest little smile.  She still loves her Deedee.  She also loves orangens (oranges), string cheese, apple juice, rice, her pony purse, Let it Go, The Wheels on the Bus book, her princess boots, VW Beetle bug toy cars, her play kitchen, taking a bath, brushing her teeth aka eating tooth paste (brush your teeth as it's called), dressing up like a princess, being sung to, saying I love you, daddy, and of course her baby sister.

I love my little Rae.  She is still my Rae of sunshine.

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